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Nathanael Campoli

Photographer, Ottawa, Ontario

If you asked my friends and family what they thought I was going to be when I grew up. They would’ve said something like “he’s going to be an actor” or “a comedian” Or “a musician” but no one would’ve said photographer. Even I can’t say that I always wanted to be a photographer. But I do remember the day I gave it some serious thought. It was the day my dad brought home a massive National Geographic picture book. This is where I saw the power of photography and I thought “I want to be a wildlife photographer”. So I asked for a Canon PowerShot when I was 13 years old and that’s when my love for photography started. Since then I have bought and sold countless cameras for when I thought I was gonna start my side business and then have to sell them when I couldn’t make rent.

Over the last 17 years, I went through a lot of career changes.. or choices… or ideas you might even say. I went to school for audio recording and music production, thinking I’d be able to open up my own recording studio, that didn’t happen. Then I thought to myself “I know computers, I build computers, I love to PC game and I’ve spent enough time fixing my own computer problems, why don’t I fix computers for a living?” So I went to school for a computer systems technician at Algonquin college. Graduated from there hoping to get a nice government job, that didn’t pan out. But I was able to land a career with a couple of friends and their small computer business in Barrhaven Ontario.

I don’t consider myself to be a lucky man. I would actually say I am an unlucky man. A man put on this earth to amuse the big guy upstairs. Then, He took a break on getting his cheap laughs, and in that instant, I met my wonderful future wife and partner, Alma Tang. My mother and father shaped a poor blob of skin, bones, and guts you would have called a boy into a larger blob, with more hair, a wicked sense of humor, and an enormous amount of charisma. But it is Alma Tang that has shaped me into the man I am today. It is the marriage and bond I share with her that has solidified my need and want to become a wedding photographer. I want to capture those moments that you will want to look back on after 30 years and say “This is when it started, and we’ve had each other’s backs all along”.

Now we have a home, and 2 big fur babies Huck and Finn. Huck is a cross between a husky and a chocolate lab, and Finn is a cross between a husky and a german shepherd. They are currently our lifeblood and we cannot get enough of their faces.

Thanks for taking the time and getting to know me!
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Nate was AWESOME.

“The hardest decision we made for the wedding was a photographer because there are so many to choose from. We went with Nate after talking with him, and we are soooo grateful that we did.

Nate worked wonders at the wedding. We had a very… awkward setup, as the wedding occurred on the top of a waterfall at some local gardens, and the guests were all at the bottom of the small hill. Nate had to run back and forth constantly to get pics from all sides. He was loaded with equipment, and I swear he must have burned off 3000 calories with his efforts. And through it all, not one complaint. He did it with a smile and seemed happy to be capturing our day for us.

I highly, highly recommend Nate for your wedding. 5 stars rating is not enough.”
-Travis and Kristina

“Amazing to work with”

“Nate was amazing to work with! He was very professional and prompt in all communications. He did a great job getting candid shots at the reception, which is one aspect of the wedding we were really hoping to catch. We are also VERY novice photo subjects and Nate made us feel comfortable posing to get the amazing shots that he did. Thank you so much!” 
-Eric and Kendall

“Charming and Engaging”

“Working with Nate was easy and fun. He encouraged us to do an engagement shoot to help him and us understand what we wanted from our wedding photos. This was a great idea, and he was very accommodating and listened to our requests. Nate was very professional, charming, and engaging with guests and during the family photos. The turnaround for our photos was also extremely fast! We were thrilled with the final results, and would highly recommend Nate as a reliable and talented photographer.”
-Julien and Megan



“You’re the best!”

“We hired Nate as our wedding photographer. We both immediately loved him when we met up with him for the first time. He is super friendly and made my fiance and I feel completely at ease and comfortable during our engagement and wedding pictures. During our wedding (of a very big family and many kids) he was able to get everyone’s attention and work through pictures quickly and professionally all while talking over busy traffic and sirens during the shoot. Impressive! I told Nate what I had in mind for my wedding pictures and he captured exactly what I wanted. He did an excellent job and they turned out amazing. His pricing and very reasonable as well. Thank you, Nate!! You’re the best!”
-Dom and Kris


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