Brooke and Kathleen Wedding – Ottawa

Hey everyone! I’m BACK BABY! And I am back with a banger! It was an absolute pleasure to photograph these two brides on their wedding day. I was finally able to wake from my covid hibernation and get to shoot this awesome same-sex wedding. It was such a breath of fresh air, literally, out there in the “country side” by the river, it was a perfect day. Covid-19 has hit everyone pretty hard and I am very fortunate to have a full time job that didn’t slow down so I could keep my photography going on the weekends. Brooke and Kathleen were an AMAZING couple to work with, and I knew they were going to be because they were referred by another AMAZING couple that I had the pleasure of shooting last May 4th, Megan and Julien – Thank you so much for sending these two beautiful ladies my way, I couldn’t have been more excited to photograph their wedding and see you guys again! 

Back to the wedding

She was hot out there, just sweatin’ like the pig they were roastin’ for dinner, unfortunately I did not smell as delicious. Ziiiiiiiiiiing. Brooke was getting ready down the street and Kait was getting ready at the home they selected for the venue that was right on the water. Brooke was arriving by pontoon boat and Kait would be taking a tractor into the ceremony. The summer afternoon made this wedding so colorful, the yellow flowers, the blue skies, the green grass and everyone’s summer attire, it was really fun to take in. The people out here away from the city know how to slow it down and take it easy and it helped a lot that day coming out of hibernation. It was a small backyard wedding around 50 people I would say, tent setup with ceremony just outside by the water. I don’t know if the owner of the house purposely made spots around the property for photos but I found a few nice spots and the ideas were flowing naturally. My time spent at the wedding was only about 3 hours, and I believe I was able to capture the essence and the feeling of their big day. Check out the pics!