I don’t venture downtown Ottawa that often or even to Gatineau, but, Cheyenne and Mark were interested in getting some shots of the parliament buildings in their engagement photos. Usually you can get these views from Major Hill’s Park behind The Chateau Laurier. Some of you know that I am not a very big fan of Major Hill’s Park because its too touristy and is always busy with people and KIDS walking, running, picnicking, and photographing. It makes it hard to get couples relaxed and comfortable. Though you may get some good shots of parliament, that’s not what I am trying to do when I bring my couples out for an engagement shoot. Engagement shoots, in my mind, are to get the couple in front of the camera, comfortable with the camera, get used to the posing, or the workflow that I will most likely be throwing at them come wedding day. This irons out confusion, makes for better photos on the wedding day, and I also get to know my couples a little more, and get that connection cookin’. So here are some engagement shots I took at the Museum of History (Civilization) in Gatineau. The Sun was dropping faster than…………………………………………………..uhhh……. it was dropping fast, ok? Here they are!