When I was asked to escape with Monique and Brian to Mont-Tremblant for their intimate secret elopement I was thrilled! I had known Monique and Brian for quite some time before the wedding. I had done I.T. support and fix their computers from time to time and I gotta say, these two are some of the best humans I have ever met, and it was a pleasure and honor to be able to capture their wedding in Quebec. My wife Alma and I decided to make a weekend out of it and rented a little cottage and brought a few friends out and our pups and we had a blast. 

I was also fortunate to have an aspiring photographer help me out with this little wedding, Peyman! One of our friends that was staying the weekend with us at the cottage. He wanted to get his feet wet with some wedding photography and this couldn’t have been a better opportunity for him with such a fantastic couple. 

We spent the first hour walking around the town getting some engagement shots and then headed back to the hotel. When we got to the hotel, the hotel staff let us into their wine cellar for some pretty sweet pics of their wine selection. Then it was up to the room for the small hotel room wedding, with an amazing view. 

Usually I have some gripe with my gear on wedding days, but this wedding went so smoothly. Everything just clicked and flowed. I really enjoyed this one, it was refreshing and extremely low key and relaxed. 

Thank you again Monique and Brian! 
Have fun, and good luck in all your future endeavors!